Website Development, SEM and PPC campaign for Fitness Club

Fitness- club website development. Following completion of the website, we began marketing campaign as advertising online, including pay- per- click ads on Google Adwords and Facebook. We also began marketing campaign for search engine.


  • Website development for sale personal trainer services
  • Search query output in the top 10 of Google
  • Increased site traffic from search engines and contextual advertising
  • Enhance sales of services

The first milestone was building the site structure in accordance with the semantine and the analysis of the sites of the competitors. The reference terms for filling all necessary usability parameters are taken into account.

  • Average 32,008 people attend every month
  • The increase in attendance is 2.145%
  • Now the applications are more than 1,668
  • 1,651% increase in the number of requests
  • The top 10 search phrases are 91%
In order to achieve positive interaction with potential customers and cover most search phrases, the website has developed a convenient logical structure.
Tests A / B have been carried out in order to choose the optimal tariff schemes and find most conversion orders.